An Intimate Gathering

A few days after surgery, Oct 2010

I promised to share a little of what Maggie has been through with the loss of her left eye.  Two years ago, Maggie had a nasty little skin cancer on the outside of her lower eye lid, which wasn’t causing her too much bother.  She refused surgery – ‘a photographer losing an eye would be a fate worse than death!’ 

Ready for surgery, October 2010

Surgeons removed Maggie’s eye and everything in the eye socket.  This left a great hole that needed to be filled;  they successfully completed a major skin graft which took a huge ‘scoop’ of skin from her forehead and ‘flipped’ in over the eye socket.  Two weeks later she looked like this:


Thank you to all the sensational staff at the Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne.  The surgeons and nurses were superb and treated Maggie like royalty.  She in turn inspired all who passed through the ward…
A special thanks to BUPA Respite Care in Windsor and all at Wintringham, who helped to looked after Maggie and to all our wonderful friends and colleagues who took the time to visit.

Diaz by T Quertier, 2011

Less than 6 months later, she is fully recovered and is more worried about her chipped tooth than her missing eye!

So if you’re in Melbourne, help us to quietly celebrate Maggie’s survival – another birthday and the possibility of returning to Chicago.  If that’s not all, you also get to check more UNSEEN Diaz images.

Sunday 20th of March at 3.00pm for an afternoon tea and slide show at Maggie’s favourite little venue in St Kilda:  Kaye Sera’s Bizarre, which is at 108 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda – between Alma Rd and St Kilda Junction.

$15/ $20 includes afternoon tea.  Email Daren at to reserve your seat, as places are extremely limited!

 ‘They used to come in the mornin’ and say:  You gonna take my picture lady?  And I’d say, I sure am…’





4 Responses to “An Intimate Gathering”

  1. You are both totally amazing!

  2. Sharon Terry Says:

    I am so very glad Maggie’s come through this difficult time with such flying colours! I can well believe she was an inspiration to all at the Eye and Ear! And aren’t they fantastic? Well done, all the hard working staff there…

    Thanks, Gwen, for keeping Maggie’s fans and friends up to date with this superb website and all the messages.

    Lots of love to yoju and Maggie,

  3. Jennifer Fall Says:

    Maggie will not remember me but i remember her very well. I treasure the photos she took of my babies nearly 40 years ago when she was in Gardenvale. Justine’s photo was in her window for some time. The girls now have children of their own and I married an American!
    While cleaning my desk today, I came across an article in the Caulfield Leader, 26 Sep 06, featuring Maggie. I had wondered what happened to her so went on line and was delighted to find her work will be shown in Ballarat in September. I can’t be there for the Opening as we will be in the USA but I will look forward to attending in September.
    I was sorry to hear of her surgery but delighted that she has recovered so well.
    My very best wishes, Jennifer Fall

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I read your note to Maggie while we were out for dinner last night – she was delighted! As it happens, we are going down to Gardenvale tomorrow to do some filming with the ABC and hope to wander past the old studio. Also, a classic shot taken outside the shop with Maggie’s son Stevan, will feature in the upcoming exhibition titled One-way Ticket at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale. This photo features photos of children in the window – so it will be exciting if one of those children is yours! Please subscribe to this blog so you can automatically be updated with events, but also feel free to email me direct at to arrange a cuppa with Maggie sometime – perhaps in Martin St! Please note that Maggie’s work will also be featured from the 1st of July in a group show titled ‘As Modern as Tomorrow’ photographers in postwar Melbourne at The State Library of Victoria. Best Regards, Gwen De Lacy

      Best Regards, Gwen De Lacy

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