The Streets of Chicago, 1950s

‘She’s a Nigger, don’t take her picture…’ Until recently, we only had a scan of a print of this one.  In the last few months we have found the original negative.  A print has been requested by William Kelly’s Humanist Art Collection

The girls in the first image have just collected their free milk from the delivery truck and for those of you who know The Botticelli Girl, her ‘gypsy’ friends appear on the steps. It was wonderful to find this original 33mm neg strip with our beautiful haunting girl and find that she was not alone after all.

Thanks to Cameron Stephen of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale for his assistance with scanning these recent additions.

If you’re in Melbourne, don’t forget to book for ‘An Intimate Gathering’ the afternoon tea and slide show celebration of Maggie’s 86th Birthday.  Hear Maggie talk about these images and so many more.  See previous post for details.

Thank you to all of you who have subscribed to this blog.  It means that you automatically get these updates without me having to email you.  It’s great to know you’re all out there!

8 Responses to “The Streets of Chicago, 1950s”

  1. Dawn Reid Says:

    These are great. If Maggie can remember where she shot those photos, it would be interesting to juxtapose what the area looks like now. Maybe the folks based in Chicago could work on it; otherwise next time I’m in town, I would make the attempt. Of course the shot would not have the depth that the originals do.

    • Gwen De Lacy Says:

      Maggie tells me that The Botticelli Girl and Gypsy Kids were taken near the tunnel which goes under the main highway into the city of Chicago. Above there was lots of traffic buzzzing and it wasn’t far from ‘The Bridge’ and ‘The Loop’. The girls with their free milk was most likely the Lower North Center area, later called Cabrini Green and ‘She’s a Nigger…’ was taken in the ‘interior’ of the south side of the business district with a factory nearby. It was a long walk from where Maggie was living, but worth it for taking pictures! She also found the statue of Jesus in the dump in the same area. I’m sure not much of it is the same, but maybe the tunnel still remains. Maggie would be pleased…she’s a big fan of tunnels!!

  2. Dawn Reid Says:

    As Uncle Jim has reminded me, Cabrini Green has been torn down, Lake Shore Drive has been rerouted (to a certain extent), and the Uptown and Old Town area where she originally shot the photos has been gentrified and is a high rent district. However I still think it would make a great project!

  3. Angela Palmer Says:

    Congratulations Maggie and Gwen, the blog looks great, you’ve done a fantastic job and it’s a great joy that Maggie’s photo’s can still come into the light. Angela

  4. Great shots of Chicago. Very much in tune with Vivian Maier. A big hand to Gwen for all her hard work. And naturally a big hand to Maggie. We are moving forward with the idea of a joint show of Vivian Maier and Maggie Diaz here in Chicago. It would be fitting to have two Chicago girls, contemporaries, show together in the “windy city.”
    Our best to you both and continued success.
    Jeff Goldstein
    Vivian Maier Prints Inc

  5. I would love to feature the top photograph in an upcoming theatrical production at the high school where I teach/direct. How would I go about asking and securing permission?

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