State Library Exhibition

OPENING NEXT WEEK, this exhibition features commercial works from The Diaz Collection, now owned by The State Library of Victoria and includes photographs taken for The Brotherhood of St Laurence, 3AW, Nilsen, Paddle Shoes and more…

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Keith Murdoch Gallery State Library 1st July, 2011 – 5th February,2012

Curated by Eve Sainsbury

This free exhibition of striking commercial photography from the Library’s collection gives a unique  insight into the changing social fabric of mid-20th-century Melbourne.

Between the 1930s and the 1960s,  Melbourne saw an influx of talented photographers from abroad, with an eye for capturing images unlike  anything Australia had ever seen.

As modern as tomorrow features works by Norman Ikin, Helmut Newton, Athol Shmith, Wolfgang Sievers,  Mark Strizic, Dacre Stubbs, Henry Talbot and Maggie Diaz.

These exceptionally talented individuals were active in commercial fields as varied as fashion,  advertising, architectural and industrial photography, for clients including Robin Boyd,  the Australian Wool Board, Shell and Kodak.

As modern as tomorrow presents this work in a new context, as the photographs are displayed alongside the corporate publications and advertising material in which they originally appeared. Many of these images from the Library’s collection are on public display for the first time.

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