Maggie at State Library

Maggie, Wendy and Stella at SLV

This week, Maggie attended an exclusive viewing of this exciting new State Library Exhibition, which was hosted by Peter Lothian, Chairman of the State Library Foundation.  Escorted by good friend Wendy Joseph and daughter, Stella, Maggie braved some wild Melbourne weather to make her entrance! As she is one of the few photographers still living, her presence was very much appreciated, so thank you to Wendy for making this possible.  This exhibition, curated by Eve Sainsbury is on until February, so do let us know if you’d like to meet up at SLV for a dose of Maggie’s candid commentary.  You may wish to ask her about the time Wolfgang Sievers asked her to be his print assistant!

Also, look out for feature story by Simon Plant on Maggie and this fabulous exhibition THIS WEEKEND in The Herald Sun!

Maggie at SLV by Wendy Joseph


4 Responses to “Maggie at State Library”

  1. Brave, always speaks her mind, has no time for the “simple way” and a “Reid” by birth. Her brother Jim and I remain and will always be proud of her style and grace.

    “Carpe diem”

    As always – Brother Arthur, Jr.

  2. Maggie’s greatest work is Herself: her formidable strength, endurance and creative appetitie.

  3. Alison Richards Says:

    Congratulations to Maggie and bravo to Gwen and all Maggie’s friends and supporters. A great achievement.

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