Diaz Update

Greetings Diaz Fans!

Thank you to Brenton Cadd (the humble genius) and Greg Peart, his apprentice of more than 25 years of The Royal Melbourne Hospital Facial Prosthetics Department, for Maggie’s new look. Credit is also due to Patrick Loyer  – Ocularist extraordinaire. Let’s just say these glasses are bionic!

It has been a hectic few months since the end of the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.  I promise to write more soon about Maggie’s recent adventures, but for now here are the latest print sales.  

Unless stated, the prints below are Limited Edition prints – archival digital ink on 100% cotton rag, by Tiffaney Bishop.

Gypsy Kids (Friends of the Botticelli Girl) 1950s Chicago Streets 1/25

Dee Working, Tavern Club Fandango 1950s 1/25


Stevan and Friends, Gardenvale Studio 1970s Type C Print, CPL 100cm square 1/10


Washing Day, Self Portrait Chicago 1950s 1/25


Elephant Joy, Luna Park 3/25


Girl Hero, 1960s Gelatin Silver print by Paul Stoney A/P


Coming or Going, Self Portrait 1960s A/P


Trouble, Lower North Center 1958 A/P


Newspaper Seller, Melbourne 1960s 1/25


Beach Boys, Melbourne 1960s CPL Type C Print 100cm square 1/10


Milk Delivery, Lower North Center Chicago 1950s 1/25


The Champagne Lady, 1957 18/25


Skipping, Lower North Center Chicago 1950s A/P





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