Diaz – Last days at State Library

Hi Folks,

The last 6 weeks have brought big changes for my dear friend. Sadly Maggie has had to leave her rental flat in Gourlay Street, Balaclava which she had shared with her son Stevan (and Jose) for the past 14 years. 


Aged care is not something she would call it, she referred to the respite place as ‘that hotel where I’m staying…’  She was certainly a most unusual guest!

Thankfully she now has a home 5 minutes from Stevan – back on familiar turf, right in the heart of St Kilda.  This is the territory she has called home for the past 50 years.  The other night I took her for a trip ’round the block’ in the wheelchair – through the Friday night crowds on Acland St.  The characters of Grey Street made us both feel very much at home…

Because of all this activity, the last days of ‘As Modern as Tomorrow’ at The State Library, have crept up on us.  We have therefore decided to enjoy the last hours of this fabulous exhibition in the gallery THIS Sunday the 5th of February from 2pm to 5pm. 

Please let us know if you would like to join us!

One Response to “Diaz – Last days at State Library”

  1. arthur Reid Says:

    We’re so proud of you, Dear Maggie. Brother Art

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