Homage to the photographer

This portrait of Maggie, by Melbourne based artist, Sue Jarvis, has been selected for the Salon des Refuses exhibition – the alternative selection to the official Archibald and Wynne Prize selection at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.  Initiated by the S.H Ervin Gallery 21 years ago, it captures the spirit of the renegade French Impressionists of the 1860s. 

32 works were chosen out of the 839 submitted for the Archibald Prize (that didn’t make the final selection), so it is a huge honour to be selected.

We met Sue Jarvis in 2009 at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong – as part of the ‘Into the Light’ tour.  Sue expressed her interest in painting Maggie and the process began that day.  

While visiting The State Library earlier in the year, Sue spent hours completing studies and continued the process with Maggie at her home studio. 

What became clear to Sue, was that she couldn’t truly capture Maggie without painting ‘the photographs’ – the photography is fundamental to Maggie’s existence and identity and this is absolutely true. 

Above photograph by Brent Lukey Photography and check out another great shot of Maggie on his blog http://www.candidweddingphotographymelbourne.com.au/2012/02/maggie-diaz-gembrook.html

The result has surpassed my expectations and I know that this work is deserving of its position amongst the top entries for the Archibald for 2012.  Visitors to the annual Salon des Refuses exhibition can vote for their favourite work in the Holding Redlich People’s Choice Award and the winner is announced on the 17th of May.

If you are in Sydney the gallery is in a stunning location in The Rocks.

Salon des Refuses

S.H. Ervin Gallery, Observatory Hill, Sydney

Exhibition runs to the 17th of May – go to http://www.nationaltrust.com.au/placestovisit/sheg/exhibitions/salon/

You can see more work by Sue Jarvis at:  http://www.suejarvisartist.com.au/index_files/Page1314.htm

2 Responses to “Homage to the photographer”

  1. Tom Reid Says:

    It so nice to see her work getting the recognition it deserves. I’ve seen her shots ever since I can remember. I love the one of my dad smoking a cigarette at a bar. Very Bogart. RIP Jim Reid.

    Tom Reid

    • Thank you Tom! It was wonderful to meet your dad when he came out to Australia. To see Maggie and Jim reunited after 48 years was incredible. Thanks to Skype, we managed to stay in touch, but I only wish we could have got Maggie back to Chicago for one last goodbye and to meet you all. Best Regards, Gwen

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