A Little Miracle

Hi Folks,

Many of you will be aware that Maggie has had a stint in hospital and it was pneumonia, so indeed very serious.  I’m delighted to report that she has made almost a full recovery – quite miraculous in just a couple of weeks. Thanks to Adele, our magical friend in the USA (more about that soon) who called on a favour from a close buddy and the heavens above…indeed her prayers were answered! Also thanks to Maggie’s American family who called and sent messages. Good friends, Wendy, Gabrielle and Anne dropped by to dispense rice pudding, ice-cream and help Maggie keep her fluids up. She is not an easy patient, so nursing staff were very grateful to have all the support they could get.

While in the hospital, Maggie was moved three times, but in one location, there was a spectacular view of St Kilda Road, and we discovered that the elderly lady next to Maggie was also American and a violinist from Balaclava (Maggie’s home for more than 25 years).  The old gals liked the sound of eachother’s voices; it was  creative and connected conversation about things other than the weather or being ill…and all about a homeland far away. It definitely helped!

Maggie is now back at the Sacred Heart Community – a place where she receives respectful and constant care in relaxed surroundings.  A few weeks before Maggie became ill, she was photographed by Melbourne’s Mark Munro for Sacred Heart’s Annual Report. Here are Maggie’s selections from the day.  She absolutely loved the shoot, which was done just off Grey St in a most suitable laneway…


Check out more of the work of photographer, Mark Munro at www.markmunro.com

All above images © Mark Munro

His truly impressive and beautiful, abstract ‘Factory Series’ has seen him receive recognition as a fine-art photographer.   


6 Responses to “A Little Miracle”

  1. Gayle Postlethwaite Says:

    Great to hear Maggie is well again….how lucky she is to have such a beautiful support network in her life, that can make the difference between getting better or not!! Fantastic photos, they show that even though her body may be failing her, she has that spark of spunk, wisdom, and a life well lived. Thanks for sharing x

  2. It’s great to see Maggie at peace with the idea of being in front of the camera. She looks terrific in these shots. Thanks Gwen.

  3. Vivian Maier Photography Says:

    Hi Gwen,We’re happy to hear that Maggie is recovering well from the pneumonia.  She’s lucky to have good friends.Warm wishes from Chicago,AnneVivian Maier Prints Inc.7440 North Claremont AvenueChicago, Illinois 60645www.VivianMaierPhotography.comfacebook.com/pages/Vivian-Maier-PhotographyPhone: 773-727-5427Fax: 773-262-4263

  4. Maggie Augustin Says:

    These are great photos of Maggie, I’m so glad she is feeling better. She is so fortunate to have such loving friends.

  5. anne rodrigues Says:

    Wonderful to see Maggie looking so well. Really lovely photos.
    anne xx

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