Between Two Worlds

Shots Cover 2014

I’m proud to announce that we’ve now had our first photographic feature in an American magazine publication.  SHOTS Magazine is an independent, reader supported magazine (in production since 1986), which prides itself on exquisite presentation of the image.

This magazine not only pays homage to fine art photography, but each edition has its own completely unique feel and focus, providing publishing opportunities for artists from all over the world.  Photographer, Russell Joslin has been the sole editor and publisher of shots since 2000.  His own photographic work was featured at last year’s Ballarat International Foto Biennale and is truly beautiful.

Maggie and I are grateful for such a sensitive and comprehensive story. Most importantly, Russell’s perfectionism with the presentation of the Diaz images took me to a whole new level of understanding and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

The Spring 2014 issue, THE CITY brings together a compelling selection of images by 37 photographers from 14 countries. It is currently available when you subscribe. Check out this truly independent and unique magazine:

2 Responses to “Between Two Worlds”

  1. Helen Bosco Says:

    Wonderful news

  2. Sharon Terry Says:

    This is a terrific coup! Wonderful for Maggie to have this exposure. Congratulations, Gwen, as I’m sure it’s a result of your hard work that she’s represented. And what a fascinating magazine, too.

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