Gracias por una noche maravillosa

Images by Trudy Schuringa Photography


Last month we celebrated the life of Frida Kahlo sitting around the Table for 18 at Graze on Grey – the home of Diaz images in St Kilda, here in Melbourne.

Our new host, chef and owner, Prem Negi couldn’t do enough to spoil us with a gorgeous 3 course meal fiesta and our hostess Samantha Newton designed Mexican cocktails and a welcoming green room for our star performer guests – Lin van Hek and Joe Dolce.  Lin served up tequila, salt and lime.  What a way to start a show – it was sublime.


The show was the usual poetry, power, punch and humour and the guests came in all their finery, won prizes and bought artwork.  Most importantly, Maggie was able to stay till late. When I took her home, one of the lovely staff members at Sacred Heart had made her a candy striped nightie.


One day soon it will all seem like a dream…


Thank you to all our wonderful guests for a marvellous evening – Gracias por una noche maravillosa.


Thank you so much to Trudy Schuringa Photography for once again capturing our special night – more passion and frivolity below.





10372866_779021975462171_2704308667226468289_o copy10428200_779022252128810_1327851604523422418_o



 10498534_779024515461917_1674876570773309340_o-1 copy10507078_779023475462021_8908562413222093231_o


10549924_779024062128629_8880646200999944365_o copy

If you’d like to be a part of future Table for 18 events @ Graze on Grey sign on to this blog or LIKE us at

All patrons at Graze on Grey have their meal price automatically deducted from a Diaz purchase – with 5% of sales going to Sacred Heart Mission.

Graze on Grey is at 103 Grey Street, St Kilda

039077 0421



3 Responses to “Gracias por una noche maravillosa”

  1. Helen Bosco Says:

    Hello Gwen

    It looks like a fun night. How are you? Hope maggie is travelling OK Frank is in London having father time with Luisa. i fly over next saturday for 5 weeks of fun, London, Portugal and Berlin Are you going away? Cheers Helen

    • HI Helen,
      Hope you were able to read the first posting OK – there was a glitch! Your trip sounds beautiful. Yes I am heading to LA, Washington and Chicago in 4 weeks – to attend to some very special business. More will be revealed on these pages soon! Gxo

  2. Gabrielle Dewan Says:

    I am going to India now jacky phone 0425761086 as my l phone won’t have reception. Will have email. I wanted to c both of u but time ran out, have been up since 4.40 gab love gab I return 8 October

    Sent from my iPhone


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